SelfCrafted™ Mantra

My name is Caz and I am on a SelfCrafted™ adventure. What does that mean? It’s an adjective and a mantra. To be SelfCrafted™ means to, “craft your real self into your ideal self”. It’s a commitment to be courageous and to give yourself permission to create the best version of yourself so you can craft the life you envision. I invite you to join me on this journey. In doing so you will be a happier human, and the world will thank you for showing up and serving up some of your authentic awesomeness!

Consider this a SelfCrafted™ hub to compliment all your working towards.

Check out I am SelfCrafted™: A Personal Branding Podcast to learn more about the journey (and feel free to embark in your own SelfCrafted™ quest with us!) with interviews from people who have taken the road less-traveled (breaking societal molds and expectations… just not this particular cliche, heh) and created whom they envisioned themselves to be.

You may be wondering where do you sign up and what the next step would be. Glad you asked! Check out the Start Here tab and I will meet ya there!